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بلا رُبا

نعل اسب به آهن‌ربای U شکل نزدیک می‌شد؛ نزدیک و نزدیک‌تر.
آهن‌ربای U شکل گفت، دور شو! نزدیک نیا! نمی‌خواهم ببینمت! اما نعل اسب هم‌چنان پیش می‌آمد. نعل اسب به آهن‌ربای U شکل که رسید٬ آرام گرفت؛ و از حرکت بازایستاد. آهن‌ربا از نعل اسب پرسید: دوستم داری؟
نعل اسب پاسخ داد: معلوم نیست؟! آهن‌ربا گفت: پس خودت را آماده کن!
نعل اسب: برای چه؟!
دستی نعل اسب را جدا کرد؛ و برد. در حالی که نعل اسب ناباورانه آهن‌ربا را نگاه می‌کرد، صدای برخورد اجسامی سخت با سطح آهنی کوچک و U شکلی به گوش می‌رسید.

Pixel Perfection: Showcase of Inspired Pixel Art

يكشنبه, ۹ بهمن ۱۳۹۰، ۰۷:۵۴ ب.ظ

 با وارد شدن کامپیوتر به زندگی ما، و تولد صورت های گرافیکی و بصری دیجیتال، عرصه و قالب های هنری دیگه ای هم متولد شد.
یکی از قدیمی ترین های این قالب ها، هنرها و نقاشی های پیکسلی بود. اون اوایل که هنوز خیلی برنامه های گرافیکی ما رو از ماهیت اصلی گرافیک رایانه ای دور نکرده بودند و توهم این که مثلا داریم با یک تصویر کامل کار می کنیم رو در ذهن ما ایجاد نکرده بودند، به واقع لازم بود پیکسل ها رو دانه دانه رنگ کنن و تصویر بسازن.
پیکسل ها رو نقاشی کنن.
یادتون میاد بازی های داسی و قدیمی؛ کلی صحنه پردازی و کاراکتر سازی و خونه و معماری و .... همه تنها با تعداد روشنی پیکسل های رنگی.

در این پست به عنوان هنرهای پیکسلی ، کلی خاطره قدیمی از بازی های قدیمی کامپیوتری رو با هم مرور می کنیم.

For many designers, and artists alike, using the numerous tools that are available to them in whichever graphics program is their app of choice is the only way they can get their work to shine. But then there are those who operate in the complete opposite manner, shying away from the tools and taking their work pixel by pixel all the way to perfection. Which brings us to the post we have put together for all of Noupe’s readers.
In this showcase, we will take a look at some of the work of a handful of stunningly talented pixel artists. Seeing the depth to which these intricate creators go to bring their pixel art pieces to life is beyond inspiring, it is often breathtaking. Once you get your fill of inspiration, the post finishes with some wonderful pixel art tutorials for getting you on the way to creating some stunning works of your own.

The Pixel Art

Welcome to the showcase section of the post. Each artist featured here, has taken the time to piece some amazing artwork together pixel by pixel, and we are shining our spotlight in their directions. Several pieces, to be fully appreciated, should be clicked through and seen in full size. Enjoy the collection!


Foolstown has an awesome gallery full of so many imaginative pieces with such rich detail and hundreds of hours of hard work. Not just that, but the website design used to showcase the work is as wonderfully done as the pieces themselves. Definitely worth a look.

This is a preview, click through to see the full image.

Paul Stride-Noble

Paul Stride-Noble‘s work is certainly some of the most breathtaking in the collection. The sheer scope and size that Paul’s pixel art tends to come in would be impressive enough, even if it weren’t as perfectly crafted as it is.
All of these images are previews, click through to see the full images.

zi design

The work from zi design brings some spectacular little scenes to life, via both still and animated pixel art pieces. The detail instilling such a lifelike quality to the buildings and scenery that it is often hard to believe that it is done one pixel at a time.

This image is just a preview, click through to view the full image.


SpiderDex‘s pixel art generally resonates with a very playful and whimsical nature. The scene’s this talented artist brings to life feel often like they could be lifted right out of an 8-bit video game.

This is just a preview, click through to view the full image.


Speaking of the playful, EdanadE‘s work is some of the most vibrant and whimsical in the collection. With so much bright color and detail at play together, these brilliantly crafted animated scenes are overflowing with inspiration.


bugpixel is a stellar pixel artist, whose work was one of the ones that inspired this post. The awesome depth and dimension make each piece a marvel of pure pixel perfection.

This is just a preview, click through to view the full image

Juan Manuel Daporta

Juan Manuel Daporta is another whose isometric work has such a lifelike, video game feel that you expect the scope of it to be much more than what is shown below. Simply fantastic.

Miscellaneous Pixel Pieces

Below are a few more pieces from other pixel artists that we couldn’t ignore whilst compiling this collection. More inspiration awaits.
House by windship

CritticAge Metro Map by zoggles

Edellys by tinuleaf

This is only a preview, click through to view the full image
Medieval Castle by docdoom

This is only a preview, click through to view the full image
The hanging gardens of Babylon by lunar-eclipse

Rewound by gas13

Memorial by deviantdash

The ultimate maze by xluluhimex

This is only a preview, click through to view the full image
Apparatus Mockup by ViridianMoon

010 by K-hos

This is only a preview, click through to view the full image

Pixel Art Tutorials

Now we come to the educational portion of the post so that you can take your newly found inspiration for creating some pixel art pieces of your very own.
Isometric Pixel Art Tutorial – An in depth 6 part tutorial that eventually takes you though creating a full isometric building.
Creating Isometric Roofs – Create a simple roof that can work on a number of different house styles.
Pixel Shading Tutorial – Smooth and accurate shading is a staple of good pixel art.
The Pixel Tutorial – A full pixel art tutorial that takes you though everything you need to know to get started.
Pixel Character Tutorial – You’ll want to put people into some of your pixel scenes and this tutorial will teach you how to create them.
40 Pixel Art Tutorials – Once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics, check out this large collection of tutorials to advance you on your way.

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